Math Tools

Math Tools

Basic Math Resources

  • AAA Math has numerous interactive arithmetic lessons. Topics covered include addition, counting, comparing, decimals, equations, estimations, graphs, fraction, multiplication, and more. You can also sort topics by grade level, starting in kindergarten and ending with eighth grade.
  • Aplus Math caters to grades K-12 so you will find a wide variety of math topics here. The site has flashcards, games, homework help, and practice work sheets.
  • Math Reference Tables covers general math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and above. Its general section includes number notation, addition, multiplication, fractions, and units and measurement. This site can also be translated into Spanish!
  • Elementary Mathematics is organized by grade level (K-5). Each grade has different math activities specifically targeted to that age group. Grade 1, for instance, includes information on addition, subtraction, estimating sums, fractions, and much more. Grade 5, on the other hand, has info on measurements, graphs, angles, and dispersion.
  • KidZone Math offers helpful math resources in fun, kid-appropriate formats. A range of free, printable worksheets is available, organized by grade level, activity type, and theme, allowing kids to find a worksheet that suits them best. In addition, this site provides timed quizzes on addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
  • Math Arcade, has a plethora of games for kids kindergarten to eighth grade to practice their math skills. The site includes addition, subtraction, fractions, division, and much more.
  • Math is Fun!, as evident from its name, attempts to present math to kids as an enjoyable, interactive subject. Simple explanations are supplemented by practice problems in the following topics: numbers, algebra, geometry, data (mean, median, mode, surveys, tables), and measurements. Also included are puzzles and quizzes, as well as an elaborate illustrated dictionary of basic math terms.
  • focuses, as one may expect, exclusively on multiplication. The site features games, self-correcting timed quizzes, resources, and instructional videos. This is a great site for any child struggling with his times tables.

Educational Math Games Online

  • Cool Math Games tests younger kids' math abillities in a variety of challenging (and neon) ways. Find games that will strengthen different skills useful in math, such as numbers, strategy, logic, and memory.
  • Funbrain is a fun resource for kids, kindergarten through eighth grade. At funbrain, you can challenge your math knowledge playing enjoyable games like math baseball or by visiting the math arcade.
  • Math Games for Kids tests basic knowledge of math in skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The games are organized by subject so you can really strengthen a child's weak area.
  • Math Playground allows you to explore many levels of math in many fun ways. Try practicing your Cartesian coordinates by saving the Zogs or guiding the gecko through a vast land of fractions.
  • Online Math Learning allows for kids to test different math skills in ways that will make them feel like they're playing video games rather than being forced to learn. This resource is conveniently organized by subject, and has games for preschool kids all the way up to high school kids.

Algebra Resources

  • Algebasics has video tutorials explaining the basics of algebra, equations, ratio and proportion, absolute value, polynomials, factoring, linear equations, radicals, applications, and much more.
  • offers help with solving equations, graphing equations, writing equations, inequalities, functions, exponents and monomials, polynomials, and the quadratic equation. It also has a list of resources.
  • contains lessons on topics that include equations, simplifying, factoring, distribution, and trinomials, as well as equation calculators and worksheets. This site also has an extensive list of math resources and study tips.
  • Algebra Help covers topics such as fractions, percents, decimals, algebraic expressions, addition, multiplication, and word problems. Each section includes explanations and examples.
  • allows students to choose the algebra subject they are struggling with from a drop down menu, select the appropriate chapter, and pick your resources. The oages will feature formula solvers, bottomless worksheets, flashcards, quizzes, interactive overviews, and brief lessons and study sheets.
  • Interactive Mathematics has a large section on algebra, including information on factoring and fractions, the quadratic equation, exponents and radicals, systems of equations, matrices and determinants, and inequalities.
  • Math Expression has videos, worksheets, and lessons to help you develop your algebra skills. Math topics include algebra, exponents, symmetry, fractions, measurements, angles, and more. The site also includes a list of useful resources.
  • Purplemath contains lessons with explanations on everything from absolute value and negative numbers to intercepts, variables, and factoring. In addition, this site includes a forum that allows students to ask questions and receive answers, as well as a list of homework tips and guidelines.

Geometry Resources

  • AAA Math: Geometry : This site includes basic geometry facts and calculations, as well as instructions for calculating the area, perimeter, circumference, surface area, and volume of various shapes.
  • Class Zone : Class Zone is a fantastic site for any geometry student. It covers proofs, basics of geometry, quadrilaterals, transformations, circles, sufrance area and volume, and much more.
  • Discovering Geometry : Discovering Geometry has explanations, condensed lessons, practice sections, a guide specifically for parents, and student Web links.
  • : Looking for free, printable geometry worksheets – with optional answer keys – for both middle school- and high school-level geometry? This site is the place for you!
  • Elementary Geometry Resources : Elementray Resources splits up their resources by grade level from grades 1-5. Lessons vary drastically by age level, but all are easy to understand and should help any struggling geometry student.
  • Learning Math: Geometry : The geometry of Learning Math has information for students and teachers K-8. Video tutorials cover topics such as triangles, polygons, geometry basics, dissections and proofs, and the pythagorean theorem.
  • Math League : The geometry section of this website is perfect for anyone desiring straightforward explanations for concepts under the following categories: basic terms, angles, figures and polygons, area and perimeter, coordinates and similar figures, and space figures and basic solids.
  • SparkNotes contains everything you need to know about geometry proofs: terms, the structure of proofs, sample problems, and more.

Trigonometry Resources

  • Dave's Short Trig Course : Easy to navigate, this site has a table of contents containing sixteen different topics, including applications of trigonometry, angle measurement, chords, sines, cosines, tangents and slope, right triangles, trigonometric functions, and the area of a triangle. All sections contain in-depth explanations as well as graphs and diagrams.
  • S.O.S. Mathematics: Trigonometry : This site is equipped with detailed explanations and examples of angle measures, trigonometric functions, and trigonometric equations. In addition, there is an entire section devoted to solving equations, with sample problems and solutions. A table of trigonometric identities is also available as a helpful reference.
  • Trigonometry Help is a comprehensive resource for students of trigonometry, complete with detailed descriptions of basic terms (including types of angles, laws, and formulas), lists of trigonometry identities, tips for picking a tutor, and even a brief history of the subject.

Resources on Differential Equations

  • Interactive Differential Equations : This site covers first order differential equations, second order differential equations, linear and nonlinear applications, Laplace Transforms, series solutions, and boundary value problems. It provides descriptions of the concepts and a useful index of terms. And, unique to this site are its actual interactive activities.
  • S.O.S. Mathematics: Differential Equations contains elaborate explanations and sample problems for the following topics: first, second, and higher order differential equations, Laplace Transforms, systems of differential equations, and Fourier Series.

Pre-Calculus Resources

  • CliffNotes: Pre-calculus contains detailed explanations of the following topics: relations vs. functions, combining and composing functions, inverse functions, factoring polynomials, quadratic equations, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions.
  • Graphing Calculator Help , part of Prentiss Hall's website, allows you to select your brand or model of calculator, and then offers instructions on how to perform many different operations on that specific calculator.
  • Texas Instruments : Equipped with tutorials on graphing calculators, explanations and practice problems on a range of concepts, test preparation advice, and more, this site is sure to be an invaluable tool for any student of pre-calculus – or, indeed, any level of math.
  • Tulyn: Math For All is designed to aid the pre-calculus student through video tutorials, worksheets, and word problems. This site also contains discussions, allowing students to both ask and respond to questions.

Calculus Resources

  • Calculus Help presents explanations for topics ranging from the chain rule to integration by parts.
  • contains tutorials with audio clips on limits, continuity, and derivatives. This site also offers sample problems and other calculus tips.
  • The Calculus Page offers problems with step-by-step solutions, as well as information on derivatives, exponents, and logarithms and a glossary of terms.
  • S.O.S. Mathematics: Calculus provides detailed descriptions for the following topics: sequences, series, limit and continuity, differentiation, integration, techniques of integration, local behavior of functions, Power Series, and Fourier Series. Numerous examples and sample problems are included.
  • Visual Calculus : This site contains explanations, tutorials, and animations covering the following topics: limits and continuity, derivatives, applications of differentiation, integration, applications of integration, and sequences and series.