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MSHSAA Sportsmanship


As a member of the Missouri State High School Activities Association, it is our belief that interscholastic activities are an integral part of the secondary curricular program and an extension of the classroom. Our school’s program shall supplement the curricular program of the school and will provide the most worthwhile experiences possible. These expectations shall result in learning situations that contribute to the development of the attributes necessary for good citizenship.

(Fundamentals of High School Activities: When hosting an event, the opponent should be treated as guests and treated cordially. Officials should be recognized as impartial arbitrators who are trained to do their job within the best of their ability. Familiarity with the current rules of the game and the recognition of the necessity for a fair contest are essential. Sportsmanship requires one to understand his or her own bias and the ability to prevent the desire to win from overcoming rational behavior. Applause for an opponent’s good performance is a demonstration of generosity and good will and should not be looked at negatively.

(Expectations of Spectators, Parents, and Students: Your enthusiasm as a spectator, parent, or student includes a vital responsibility for good sportsmanship. Your habits and reactions determine the quality of sportsmanship, which reflects upon our school and our community. All are expected to:

*Know and demonstrate the fundamentals of good sportsmanship.

*Respect school property and authority.

*Show respect for opponents and opposing coaches and fans.

*Show respect for players who are injured.

* Respect the judgment and strategy of the coach (even if you disagree).

* Avoid profane language and obnoxious behavior at all times.

* Avoid applauding errors or penalties of the opponents.

*Refrain from heckling, jeering or distracting opponents, including distracting behavior during the shooting of free throws.

* Refrain from being critical of players, coaches or officials for a loss.

* Refrain from throwing objects on the playing area or in the bleachers.

* Avoid stomping the bleachers or the use of artificial noisemakers.

*Refrain from using cheers that taunt or ridicule opposing players, coaches, cheerleaders, or spectators.

*Refrain from booing or showing displeasure with game officials or game activities.


     May this be a season of positive leadership, sportsmanship and PRO-COUGARSIM!  WE will be remembered for the footprints of good sportsmanship that we leave!


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