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**August 17th, First Day Of School**

  • Back To School Fair

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  • Principals End of Year Newsletter

    Principals End of Year Reflection and Looking Forward

    As I conclude my first year as your new K-12 principal at Climax Springs R-IV. I want to say thank you to all students, staff and patrons for welcoming my family into your community and school.  I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be your principal.  I am particularly blessed to have worked with such great colleagues and students.  It has felt like a big family and we have worked very hard on many new ventures this year for our students.  I would like to look ahead at some of the new opportunities you can expect for next year.

    Student and Staff Acknowledgments Get a Makeover

    Climax Springs R-IV. is excited to announce that we will have semester Awards Assemblies starting in the 2016-17 school year.  Presently we do one a year, we are going to start having two, one at the end of each semester.  We want to invite families and celebrate more of our students’ academic achievements.  They will include:

    A.     Honor Roll

    1.     Superintendents honor roll for each semester

    2.     Principals honor roll for each semester

    3.     Counselors honor roll for each semester


    B.     Attendance and Character Recognitions

    1.     Perfect Attendance Award

    2.     90/90 Attendance Award (90% attendance 90% of the time)

    3.     Character Words of the Month/Star Students K-12

    These students will also have their picture on the bulletin board in our front hallway and it will be featured in the area newspaper.

    C.     Teacher Recognitions:  We have a hardworking, dedicated staff.  These efforts do not go unnoticed and we would like to extend our thanks in the form of monthly staff recognitions.

    1.     Staff and Patrons will nominate/vote for staff member of the month.

    2.     Voting will take place via district web page each month.

    3.     Recognitions may include: feature in newspaper, jeans passes, a gift of recognition from administration and/or community partner.

    Also Getting a Big Makeover…Our District Website!

    I hope all patrons, parents, and students will appreciate our progressing web site and applications.  We have been working all year to roll out: Student 360 which will make checking your students grades, attendance, lunch balance, etc. a snap.  Student 360 has a user friendly format and can be accessed via your cell phone.  We have also been working on creating staff web pages.  Through them you will be able to access your student’s teachers, find out what is going on or to be expected in the classroom, and be better informed about your student’s education.  Last for now, but far from least, you will now find a curriculum tab on the website.  The staff at Climax Springs R-IV. have been creating an aligned curriculum Pre-K through 12th grade that is tied to state standards. In its completion it will be vertically aligned top to bottom.  You will have the ability to look and see what your child is learning and going to be learning at any given time.  This has already done wonders for cross curricular learning where teachers in different subjects and grades teach related skills to ensure your student gets embedded skills to help them achieve higher levels of learning.

    We have much to be excited about as we think about next year and I look forward to what is to come here at Climax Springs R-IV.

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  • 2016-2017 Green Day Calendar

    This calendar provides all the days school will not be in session for students, which are marked in Green. Dates school in not in session but is a potential make-up day are in Red. We hope this helps your students not be absent from school due to appointments. 

    Click Here To Download/View 2016-2017 Green Day Calendar

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  • Feature image

    Climax Springs R-4 Honored as Top School District Using Online Learning Resources




    Climax Springs R-4



    Climax Springs R-4 Honored as Top School District Using Online Learning Resources

    Knovation announces Annual Digital Learning Award recipients


    Climax Springs, Missouri – Dec. 02, 2015 – Climax Springs R-4 has earned a Digital Learning Award for its outstanding use of the Knovation Content Collection to personalize learning with reliable and engaging online resources.


    Presented by Knovation, the program honors the top 100 districts across the U.S. that use netTrekker or icurio to find, organize and share hundreds of thousands of standards-aligned resources that are professionally evaluated, tagged and maintained, ensuring students truly benefit from their digital shift.


    “The Digital Learning Awards honor school districts, such as Climax Springs R-4, that are leading high-level implementation of digital resources,” said Randy Wilhelm, CEO of Knovation. “We recognize the outstanding use of online learning resources in these schools as an advancement of personalized learning for each and every student.” 


    To learn more about the Digital Learning Awards, visit http://www.knovationlearning.com/digital-learning-award/2015


    About Knovation
    Knovation makes it easy to find, manage, and use free digital content for learning by professionally evaluating, standards-aligning and continuously maintaining a collection of hundreds of thousands of online resources covering all subject areas, all grades and all learning modalities. The Knovation Content Collection can be accessed through the company’s award-winning solutions (netTrekker and icurio) or through custom integration with several instructional systems and assessment platforms. Since 1999, Knovation has delivered on the promise to do something good for kids, every day, by helping districts meet the needs of diverse K-12 learners in digital learning environments. For more information, please visit www.knovationlearning.com.





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  • Up Coming Events


    • Friday August 12th,  NewTeacher Academy --
    • Monday-Tuesday August 15th-16th,  Teacher Work Day --
    • Tuesday August 16th,  Back To School Fair --
    •  Wednesday August 17th,  First Day of  School --
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