Variety of Best Language Tools

Variety of Best Language Tools


Here’s a platform that links to in-depth language learning resources on and in nineteen different languages. If you want to use the free version only, they promise to teach you 1400 words in any language you desire. This is done through their lessons and interactive games that they put at your disposal. This is a pretty good place to be when you’re looking for more than the “formal” language learning, as this site comes up with fun ways that make learning easier.

2. Streema

For learners that enjoy video-based content rather than text or illustrations, Streema is a great place to spend time at. Even though it isn’t necessarily built for language learning purposes specifically, the platform offers TV streaming from more than 100 countries for free. Hit two birds with one rock – watch TV and learn a new language in the same time.

3. FluentU

FluentU is an effective multimedia language learning resource that should catch your attention. They offer a free 15-days trial in order for you to get familiarized with their video, TV, and audio content. They also offer another -quite big- range of available instructional content: documentaries, music videos, news, and funny YouTube videos.

4. Innovative Language

It started in 2005, and since then, they have become one of the most trusted and used resources in the language learning industry. This platform presents a huge system of free audio and video lessons in up to 35 distinct languages. They keep their platform updated on a consistent basis, focusing on both intermediate and expert learners.

5. YouTube Channels

YouTube is the biggest video social platform that’s out there, and everyone can leverage it for different purposes. Throughout YouTube, you can discover plenty of educational resources and channels that focus strictly on language learning. More than often, you’ll learn from experienced individuals like teachers and smart graduates – that, if you know which channels are worth studying.

6. Udemy

Even though Udemy is not just a language learning platform but rather a huge database of video courses on every topic you can imagine. Their main specialization is business content, yet you can find all sorts of other valuable courses that can help you with your language learning process.

7. Coursera

Coursera is something different. Besides the fact that they’re now collaborating with dozens of US universities, they’re also offering courses that are run by experienced professors. Moreover, you can obtain different certificates on different topics and languages. The language learning section of this platform is full of helpful courses geared toward beginners and intermediates.

8. Australian Writings

Australian Writings is an academic writing platform that puts you in front of dozens of professional writers. Among them, you can find language experts that will assist you personally in case you find any struggle with any particular language.If you need academic assistance, they will be eager to help.

9. Italki

If you want to practice your language expertise, you’d better start taking action. How? Well, the best way to learn a language is to start speaking it. More than that, you should engage with other people and maintain conversations. Italki connects you with native speakers that will assist you through a video or audio means. You connect with new people while exercising your foreign language skills.

10. The Polyglot Club

Here’s another all-purpose platform for those who want to learn a foreign language as quickly as possible. On this site, you can do so many productive things such as spending time in a foreign language chat-room, sent text for correction, connect with native speakers (just like with Italki), and maybe even get access to live language learning events such as seminars and meetups.

11. Word2Word

Word2Word is one of the most resourceful places to spend time at while learning a foreign language. Most of these language learning resources are free to use. Besides the numerous chatrooms and meetups that are organized on a constant basis, they also offer tutorials on a wide range of topics and skills. For example, they give you tools to help you deal with difficult alphabets and different scripts to different dictionaries.

12. Lang-8

For some individuals, learning a language is easier when spoken. Yet, when it comes to grammar, spelling, and structure, not many people do so well. Writing is always more difficult than speaking, and that’s what Lang-8 is focusing on. This is a community of native language speakers from all over the world, who all work together to develop each other’s writing skills.

13. Duolingo

Duolingo manages to make foreign language learning easy and fun. They are using gamification strategies that will help you effectively learn new words and expressions with only a little effort. They use a flip-through-flashcards approach that rewards the user for translating comical sentences. If you do it well, you’re going to be rewarded. I’d recommend this platform in case you love challenges!

14. BBC Languages

BBC Languages is an extensive resource of language learning materials. They offer free learning resources and information in more than 40 languages. The learning material is different for each language. While some languages (7 to be exact) are more prioritized than others, you can still find a goldmine of useful foreign language learning material.

15. Thoughtco

Thoughtco is a “lifelong learning” platform that offers a distinctive learning environment to its users. The platform features a language learning “section” that is full of interesting information. The learning material comes through interesting lists, articles, and guides that focus on both the proper speaking and writing of different languages.

16. Learning with Texts

Copy the text you want to translate, mark the important words that give you trouble, and allow the software to do the rest. You can create your own database of words, export it in flashcard programs, and begin learning faster. It also has an offline version, so make sure you check it out.

17. Tunein

Tunein gives you radio live streaming from across the entire world. Decide which country you want to target, find the radio you want, and start listening to different language songs, dialogues, and news.

18. ANKI

ANKI takes advantage of a powerful learning system called “Spaced Repetition”. They’re trying to predict the moment you’re going to forget information, and they’ll instantly intervene by reminding you what needs to be reminded before your memory is gone. This is also a great community to spend time with, and a good place to be for developing foreign languages skills.

19. Cooljugator

As the name suggests, this website features thousands of conjugations of verbs from more than 35 distinct languages. Each conjugation has an example that comes through a sentence. Moreover, you also get some tips & tricks on how to use the verb best.

20. Readlang

This is a basic software that helps you with the translation of unknown words. You select your text, copy-paste it into the platform, mark the words that you didn’t understand, and begin tracking your progress. It’s free, and they offer a Google Chrome extension!

21. Rype

Last but not least, our very own Rype. If this is your first time hearing about us, Rype is one of the world’s leading language learning platforms online. We help busy people like you learn any language faster, by connecting you with handpicked professional teachers to book lessons any time of the day, any day of the week. We even have a free trial to help you get started.